Music Collection
The Damned - "Black Is The Night", 2019. Dave Vanian wrote this titular single for the band's 2019 greatest hits album. It's like a $100 record. I wish I was Dave Vanian.
Modern Baseball - "Holy Ghost", 2016. Absolutely their greatest record. Fond memories.
Lagwagon - "Let's Talk About Feelings", 1998.
Against Me! - "White People For Peace", 2007 White People For Peace is on New Wave, but was also released as a single on vinyl and cd (it's not expensive.)
AFI - "Crash Love", 2009 I bought the deluxe CD in high school but I lost one of the CDs when my car got totalled and now it costs like $50 to replace. >.>
Gin Blossoms, "New Miserable Experience", 1992 The original cover had a noose, but that version is rare to find.
Basement - "Promise Everything", 2016. this was a defining album in my life
The Falcon - "Unicornography", 2006. This album is sick as fuck and I love it, it may have been the thing to get me into punk