Rex's excellent resources

OK here's a whole bunch of things I used to make my website!!

Quick Links & Unsorted Links

CSS Psuedo classes on Mozilla

^ obviously I am using this I am just scared that I'll lose the link if I'm not careful


^ Virustotal is one of the best tools for staying safe on the web! It's not perfect but it saves me trouble!


^ someone else's resource page!! Their stuff is nicely labeled and it has a lot of good generators (I should make a section on my site for generators I like...)

Site Building Goodies


^ What is says on the tin! Virustotal comes back clean on the website, I haven't downloaded anything yet tho

^ blinkie maker!


^ Infinite blinkie pile from the makers of

Misc Time Killers


^ "Active Vintage Websites, Old Webpages, and Web 1.0"

Antique Pattern Library

^ Copyright-expired patterns for when I wanna make another plushie


List of emulators for old console

^ Bookmarking the tumblr post so that I can read the discussion